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Strong women have a certain vibe and emanate confidence, contribution and assertiveness. Most women agree that they prefer being independent, self-assured, mentally and physically strong, but getting to that point can be challenging. But despite roles and social convention, women have risen above the expectations of others and have made great progress in overcoming every obstacle.

You have an important place in the world. It doesn’t matter what you have or have not accomplished, you are valuable, necessary, loveable and important. If you are ready for more, you can easily become a stronger and happier woman. Freedom and success truly belong to you beautiful and strong creation of God! You belong! Email me today for your consultation or to attend a coming seminar. Dorothy Murray Elder

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Seek the right kind of attention – In today’s world, we have dozens of apps, that can give instant gratification without having to form real connections. It’s no secret that women are objectified and oversexualized everyday for marketing campaigns, advertisements, and other forms of media. Therefore, if we use our bodies to get what you want, we only further perpetuate the idea that women have nothing more to offer than sex.

If you want to form long-lasting, deep connections and attract the right attention, share your intellect, solutions and feelings with others. If you carry yourself with dignity and know your self-worth beyond your appearance and sex appeal, you will start to attract others, who also want something more than just a shallow connection to fulfill base-level desires.

Follow other strong, righteous women-If you turn on almost any reality TV show today, you won’t find much more than materialism, self-absorption, and sexualization of both men and women. Reality TV and other types of media, despite the name, don’t actually portray reality at all. Watching these superficial people/shows only causes blindness to the followers of icons that don’t have the best values. Instead of binge-watching “Keeping Up With the Kardashians, or “The Housewife Reality Shows?” Why not start following other strong women who actually promote causes that help the planet and others. Ask yourself, do I feel better after I watch these shows or hang out with these kind people. Do I get more done and feel more positive? Are they helping me reach my goals? Look for mentors and good people in your church and at community groups. There are better and powerful ways to use your time and substance.

Don’t wait around for someone to save you-Probably one of the most important tenets of becoming a strong woman is not relying on someone else to come along and rescue you. A strong, independent woman knows she possesses all the power within herself to make positive changes in her life. She doesn’t wait around for someone else to pick her up when she’s down or show her the right way to live her life. While emotional independence may not happen overnight, you can easily work at it each day, if you’d like to become a stronger woman. Of course, having relationships with others who we can share our concerns with is important, but we shouldn’t ever look to others to lick our wounds or save us from ourselves.

Free yourself from the victim mentality-While women have undeniably been oppressed in the past, and still may not be seen as equals to men in some parts of the world today, you don’t have to perpetuate this belief. Shatter the idea that you somehow have less value than men, because this simply doesn’t have any truth to it. Men and women both play important roles in society, and one gender does not have greater worth than the other. However, playing into the victim mentality and believing that you get treated differently than men will only keep the idea alive that we live in a man’s world.
The best way to overcome this belief is by simply having confidence in God and yourself, asserting yourself, and sharing your thoughts and ideas with others. If you don’t allow other people to control you, and you stand up for yourself, if you believe you have been taken advantage or treated unfairly, then you have mastered one of the best ways to become a strong woman.

Keep challenging yourself-Don’t just allow yourself to fall into stagnancy and complacency – keep doing things each day that challenge you both mentally and physically. Life gets dull if we don’t regularly push ourselves out of our comfort zones and try something new, so don’t hold yourself back just because of self-imposed limitations. Strong women don’t let their minds dictate what they can and can’t do, but push past their barriers even if it feels uncomfortable.

Don’t depend on others to make you happy-Most importantly, don’t rely on other people for happiness – this will only make you believe that you need someone at all times to feel content. You have God and everything you need to feel absolutely wonderful about life, so don’t believe any differently. Relationships can definitely provide a source of happiness, but they shouldn’t serve as our ONLY method of finding fulfillment and joy in life.

She fights against wrong expectations-A strong woman has an awareness of the obstacles in her way and the misogynistic expectations people have for her, but she decides for herself what she wants and works to achieve it. Furthermore, a strong woman is willing to find help or gain strength from supportive friends, family members, and mentors–despite the notion that women should be ‘independent’ and ‘do it all.’

She bounces back-A strong woman keeps going on like she has never been hurt, despite having been. You decide to keep your faith and hope in God and His goodness to bring you more.

She knows who she is-A strong woman is self-aware. She continually tries to overcome her fears, she knows how to control herself, and is patient no matter the situation. She isn’t afraid to reveal her feelings because we all have them. She shows her heart without caring what other people think.

She doesn’t let others define her-A strong woman is a busy, vibrant, and goal-orientated woman. She doesn’t wait for a man or anyone else to validate her existence.
She knows when to ask for help-Being a strong woman doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. Being a strong man doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. Part of me thinks that women feel they have to overcompensate because so many peg them as these fragile, helpless creatures, when many of the women I know are stronger (mentally, emotionally, or physically) than many of the men I know. Being a strong woman in my eyes means you’re someone who is realistic enough to know what you can do, is grounded enough to know when you need a hand. you must be confident enough to know you can ask for help without fear of being judged.

She follows her own path-A strong woman is someone who follows her own dreams and stays in her own God-given lane, rather than someone else’s.
She is unapologetic about who she is-A strong woman works hard, she chases what she believes. She does it all for the vision and knowing that God has put within. No one else knows what that is.

She loves continually and shows appreciation to those around her-Most importantly, she isn’t selfish, and once she makes it, she reaches back to help others.
She’s a fighter-A strong woman is a woman who fights for rights she should not have to fight for.

She’s perseverant-A strong woman gets up every time she falls. She pushes forward, even when all odds are against her. She doesn’t let others influence her decisions. She’s resilient.

She is balanced-A strong woman knows when to be selfish and when to be selfless, when to follow her head and when to follow her heart. She has a good, stable head on her shoulders, and knows when to play the hand she’s dealt or when to let it go and hope in the Lord!

She stays focused and true-A strong woman is someone who isn’t afraid to share her opinions and speak her truth. She listens, but she doesn’t allow others problems to bring her down. She is filled with kindness, generosity, compassion, integrity, a willingness to be vulnerable, and authenticity. No matter what she is true to God and herself-A strong woman doesn’t let the cattiness of other women bring her down. She has the utmost respect for herself and what she believes in.

She is humble-A strong woman is confident, but repentant. She honors what God says. I think the best way to describe a woman’s strength, is a sense of ‘confident humility,’ paired with faith and passion. By ‘confident humility,’ I just mean someone that isn’t so humble that she comes across as weak. Rather, someone that can stay confident without getting arrogant.

She loves-A strong woman loves inherently, from the time she is a little girl to the day she goes home. She is always willing to help and to touch others. She loves. And never stops loving.

She is grounded in her faith-A strong woman believes that wisdom begins with knowing God and His Great Son, Jesus Christ. She depend on the strength of Holy Spirt to comfort and guide her every step of the way. She knows that Jesus is the game changer!
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