What keeps a relationship strong?

We spend so much time trying to look great, but looks only take us so far. We spend a fortune on our education and training in order to succeed, but money only takes us so far. What have you found to be the reason that relationships last a lifetime?

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6 thoughts on “What keeps a relationship strong?

  1. Shirley Wilmore – God healed My broken heart, from my son’s murder, God touch my heart and soul and restore my whole life, God took My ashes and turned them into beauty, plus he gave me strength to make me strong, wiser, better.!!
    Won’t he do it.!! AMEN


  2. Carol Downey – im gone tell you a little bit of my problem which is something i dont usually do i made GOD a promise about 6 yrs ago that i wouldn’t fight any more and dishonor or disgrace his name my brother passed sept 15 2017 thats when Satan got busy through his daughter that i took care of for 35 yrs. i have been ecnoring for 9 months cause i fear GOD he can do some things that man have never thought of but she keeps comming she think im scared of her so i have been crying all day and talking to GOD. i don’t want to be punished and most of all disgrace GOD. i love the lord and im saved. my pastor says all the time if you saved act saved all the time no matter what the situation is but im tired now and i need for the mess to stop cause i feel like if she keep comming im gone slip. GOD told me he fixed the problem with Pharowe he kept comming to they all drowned. thank you for praying i know GOD comming im gone be alright


    1. Carol, speaking up is not disgracing God. Keep praying scriptures over yourself, her and the situation. keep binding the devil and loosing your angels to pull down the stronghold. God is greater than all of this and he is fighting for you! Lord, give Carol, your grace, light and revelation knowledge, Ephesians 1. What city do you live in? Blessing and love you

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    2. Carol, yes, you are already alright! Read Isaiah 60 today and the Lord will bless you and speak to your heart. I love you and keep on believe and growing in Jesus and you will get the VICTORY!


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