Rise up from the ashes!

How have you been blessed to come back from a place that seemed impossible. I’m going to share an excerpt from: “Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost?” Let me know your story too. May God embrace you close to His bosom and totally restore you back and beyond all understanding. Fill their hearts and minds right now, Lord with Yourself!

IMG-1678 (1) - Copy

From page 67 – Our last day together was a trajectory of insanity. Tina and Carl had no idea that they inadvertently, involved themselves unjustly. They aligned themselves with Luis’ darkness. Tina couldn’t wait to get on the phone. She told everyone she knew about my personal catastrophe. Tina was a colossal witch – a revolting creature – bold and totally out of place! She belittled me in my own house — in front of my children! Luis was no better. How could he shame his wife or any human being that way? Luis had accompanied demons from the darkest fractures of hell. There are no earthly words or way to tell you how disgraced I felt. I am surprised I could stand at all. My soul fainted in disbelief. Lastly, our marriage was destroyed. A mighty breaker had taken it to the bottom of the sea. There was no human consolation to be found.

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