What can we do about this epidemic of despair?

adult-alone-black-and-white-568021.jpgThe suicide rate has increased 34% from 2000 – 2016. Hopeless, lonely and repressed people are all around us. There are times when each of us feel this way. How can we do more collectively and individually to check on people. What can you say or do to help someone overcome in your realm of influence?

If you are feeling lonely and Satan is talking to you about hurting yourself or someone else, immediately call a spiritual friend, church or group. Get up and get involved. you still have purpose and great importance.

The suicide prevention number is: 1 800 273 (TALK) 8255

Messenger me or someone immediately. We must stop this onslaught in the Mighty Name of Jesus. He can and will help you! Get up and take action!!!

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