Life Coaching and Consultations

Picture 038Dorothy transforms and builds strong, happy, effective people. “Winning is easy with the right tools!” She is committed to initiating the challenge, vision and inspiration necessary to help you identify and fulfill your purpose with accurate insight. “God, wants to equip you to seize every opportunity. He desires that you avoid every pitfall, discouragement and misdirection.”

In this world you will have tribulation but take courage. Jesus has overcome the world. John 16:33. Jesus comes to heal, strengthen and deliver you in every area of life! You owe it to yourself to succeed by utilizing these coaching and mentoring services. I am a strong but compassionate role model who can help you see and achieve your goals. 

When its time to take action!
1. You’re stuck
2. You sense it’s time to do more
3. You’re lost
4. You’re unhappy
5. You’re happy
6. You just got out of a relationship
7. You’re comfortable.
8. You’re scared.
9. You’re done with self-therapy, You are ready to believe what your creator says.

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Lets talk. Email me and we will set a time to begin.

Be encouraged, help is here for you, but you have to take news steps if you want new and better results. You already know in your spirit that you need more.  Together, we will decide on the right module for you. You can decide on a one time phone consultation or enjoy a 3, 6 or 12 part strategic course.  Dorothy Murray Elder