Dorothy Murray Elder

Dorothy Murray Elder
“Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost?” Was written intensely, through my own Picture 015heartbreaking and enlightening experience. I want to help you bypass the situations designed to take you down and to give input that helps you make and create positive changes. your life must be lived with achievement, happiness and freedom!”
Dorothy hosted the popular “Parent Talk,” CBS television program, providing meaningful answers for difficult problems. Bayer Aspirin, Cargill, Wichita State University, Catholic Services, Parent University, United Way, schools, organizations and church groups are some that Impact Seminars has enriched. Dorothy’s accurate insight, passion, presence and commitment are truly inspiring.

Dorothy strongly desires to helping women and families win. she is committed to initiating challenges and inspiration that helps you identify and fulfill your purpose.
As Executive Director of Impact Life Empowerment Seminars, since 1980, Dorothy continues to empower in areas of recovery, identity, codependency, behavior, leadership development and especially spiritual growth. Dorothy works as a family advocate, author, presenter, conference speaker, mentor, life coach and parenting consultant.

Dorothy provides a diversity of books that build lives, “Whispers From God, Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost, The Sinister Jezebel Spirit and Your Innermost Truth.” Readers learn to apply the Word of God in their choices, before making tumultuous decisions.

“I want to help you stop defeat and the deception that comes to sabotage your life. Will you hear correctly and choose joy, or employ a pitiless and painful teacher? But God, equips you to hit the mark and to overcome pitfalls, discouragement and misdirection.”

In this world you will have tribulation but take courage. Jesus has overcome the world. John 16:33. Jesus comes to heal, strengthen and deliver you in every area of life!
Thank you, Dorothy M. Elder