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“May the good blessing of the Lord rest upon you and your family”

  • Thank you for your support and care. Impact Ministry and Strong Women and Families. We are committed to giving hundreds of women, men, and families hope, love, growth, and insight. Impacts, counseling, coaching, books, and ministry promote spiritual, emotional, and practical growth. Productiveness is the key to success!
  • Many face serious and hurtful situations and need to overcome them. Each needs love, teaching, the Word of God, positive interaction, prayer, and time.
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Thank you for your partnership. You are helping urban women and families win! You can make multiple clicks as well. God bless you!


As a supporter, we love and appreciate you! You remind us that we are not alone in our quest and passion to give vision, hope, and life to families.
Minister, Directory, and Life Coach, Dorothy M Elder

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