Book – “Your Innermost Truth”



You may have asked yourself these questions:
a. What hinders my true image from emerging?
b. Where are the disconnections?
c. What part does my worthiness/goodness play in my life perception and relationships?
d. How can the roadblocks be removed?
e. What are the beliefs and behaviours that establish my dependencies and limits?

People, who are always angry and irritated, cause everyone around them to become uncomfortable or fearful. Most of this behavior is learned early in life. If one comes from a home that is generally tumultuous, being angry becomes a way of life. Sometimes children learn that the only way to get what they want is to start a fight or be very angry and the parents will give in and respond to keep them quiet.
There is some evidence that temperament is established very early in life. Newborn babies arrive with very different responses to fright. Even a small delay in feeding routine is enough to cause some youngsters to become frantic. For most of us, learning about anger starts in childhood.

How your feelings & inner image reveal the authentic you!
We live in this world through our thoughts, feelings, emotions and body. Our hearts take in information daily and gives us reports that feel good or bad. Those reports and perceptions affect our actions and behavior positively or negatively. We live or lives according to what we feel and believe. What is made feasible and usable to us, depends on our alignment with truth or if we are allowing lies to exist.
We were created to live a life filled to the brim with love, light and power. With every breath of life, we made to overcome and overflow with purpose, single-mindedness, drive, and enough of every positive character trait to fulfil our destinies.
The question is what hinders the actions of true feelings, beliefs and rightful self-image? Where are the disconnections? What part does your perception of worthiness and goodness, play in your personal life, achievements or relationships? How can these roadblocks be removed? How can we eradicate bad feelings and beliefs to establish beneficial attachments that help us live good, happy and unlimited lives?

Your Innermost Truth Book, will help you build or reconstruct your feelings, beliefs and inner image. It will take consistent work to remove the negative limits you have subconsciously set, but it’s time to eliminate erroneous beliefs and the feelings that have hindered you, too long! I believe you are ready to do what it takes to overhaul and renovate yourself and to live the unconstrained LIFE that is authentically yours!
Your Innermost Truth Book Content
Revealing the authentic you
1. The power of feelings and beliefs
2. Releasing childhood pain
3. People dependency
4. Wounded souls
5. Fantasy worlds
6. Anger
7. Self-sabotage
8. Why self-hate
9. Controllers
10. Friendships
11. Personal relationships
12. Worthiness
13. Connections

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Your Innermost Truth!

What is hindering my success?