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If your are hurting, Cry out the pain with Jesus and let Him totally heal your wounds
The obliteration of a relationship covenant is grueling. It seems impossible to face a new day. Getting out of bed was a monumental task for me too. You wonder, what kind of person did I give my heart to? What realm of evil and deception did I activate? I asked God the same questions endlessly. “Is it possible that you would give us a new day Lord? How can we just throw away our marriage? How can he justify his blatant sin? How can a man just walk away from his family? Would you change his heart and take away his ruthlessness?”

If you have these feelings, just know that God is willing and waiting to heal your heart. He loves to heal us> He loves to get you back on the right track and into joy. I have some wonderful prayers and revelations for you in the book, “whispersfromgodbook.com”
I ask the Lord to heal you now and to help you move into joy! Its going to take work, so get your Bible and scriptural reading ready each day. Leave a comment or email me and let me know how you’re doing or how you overcame!

Jesus enjoyed being single or unmarried
During his mission on earth, Jesus was a single man. Despite popular books and movies which state that he was married, the Bible makes no mention of such a claim. As the inspired word of God, the Bible is the ultimate authority on him.

It’s good news for you and me that Jesus was single. He knows, from his human experience, about the loneliness, our fear, rejection, and the judgment we have to endure in the single life. He has firsthand experience of what you are going through.
Things haven’t changed much with the human condition over the past 2,000 years. Many still want to experience the joy of marriage and a family.
Human motives remain the same too. We still encounter difficult people driven by greed, jealousy, and pettiness. Jesus had to deal with them, and he gives us help in our struggles to go forth and to be happy. Oh yes, we can enjoy our time of un-marriedness!

A time to devote yourself to knowing Father
1 Corinthians 7:32-35 I would like you to be free from concern. An unmarried man is concerned about the LORD’s affairs-how he can please the LORD. But a married man is concerned about the affairs of this world-how he can please his wife and his interests are divided. An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the LORD’s affairs: Her aim is to be devoted to the LORD in both body and spirit. But a married woman is concerned about the affairs of this world-how she can please her husband. I am saying this for your own good, not to restrict you, but that you may live in a right way in undivided devotion to the LORD.


Happiness is a daily decision I have been married and single. I am just a happy either way, if I focus on my purpose and Jesus! Leave a comment! How are you a happy single?

Treat people like you did in the beginning and you’ll keep the relationship strong!
Marry truth, not a lie. lies won’t stand the test of time
Pray the scriptures over your marriage. The word of God is strong and powerful! It will close the doors to darkness and defeat and will walk before you. The word of God will build a fortress around you love!

Covenant marriages
The good news is, your covenant marriage will stand forever. It will stand against many bolts of lightning hurled against it. The fiery darts will fall to the side. I knew a man who divorced His second wife and told her to return to her first (covenant) husband. As dreadful as that sounds, he was hearing from God correctly. He said that he was miserable and that the Lord dealt with him about marrying her.

She and her first husband belonged together and they are working on reconciliation. This is a bit extreme but, keep praying the scriptures and believing God if you know He put you together. It might take a season of separation but just do exactly what He tells you, and you shall see the glory of your God, even if things are terrible.

Nevertheless, If God has not joined you together; don’t try to bond what He has not connected. Recognizing the power of truth. Truth and obedience will keep you free from meaningless acts of misery and defeat. If you put yourselves together, you are two unstable compounds that will only explode in an dreadful fire of unhappiness.

What God has joined together, let no man put it under!” (Matthew 19:6)
The book: “Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost?” Will take you through many details of how to build and strengthen your relationship, which is wise to do, even when things are fine. This is the time to build and grow roots. Not on a rainy day. Visit the page and stop the devil in his tracks.

If you are wondering what to do about your relationship, invest in this book and save yourself years of sorrow. loving you, Dorothy M Elder

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Order your copy: Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost? Enjoy, powerful answers, revelation and prayers for you, your marriage and relationships.
May the Lord bless you and your relationship. Enjoy your copy!


When it comes to cheating, you may think, men would be most likely to do it in their early 20s, when they are at their most virile and they’ve got all sorts of crazy hormones bouncing around. Indeed, pop culture abounds with movies and TV shows about college guys, desperate to have sex with as many women as possible, regardless of whether or not they have a girlfriend.
But, according to science, it’s older men who have a greater tendency to stray. According to data from the recent General Social Survey (GSS), 20% of men and 13% of women reported that they’ve had sex with someone other than their spouse while married, and while women seem to be most likely to cheat in their early 20s, a man’s infidelity risk actually increases with age.
One fascinating 2014 study that looked into the activity of people on Ashley Madison found that men were more likely to look for an extramarital affair if they were about to hit a big milestone birthday, like 50 or 60.
But if we had to boil it down to one specific number, it would have to 55. According to an oft-quoted study by the University of New Hampshire, this is when men reach “peak infidelity.” Since so much of why men cheat, according to science, has to do with feeling like their masculinity is being threatened, it would make sense that this would be the age at which they’re most at risk of committing adultery. When a man is fifty-five, he’s standing on the cusp of his grandpa years, so he might see it as his last opportunity to “graze in greener pastures” before he’s officially over the hill. Diana Burk
If you’d like a copy of scriptures to pray over your marriage, email me at, dorothyelder@aol.com
Order your copy: Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost? Enjoy, powerful answers, revelation and prayers for you, your marriage and relationships


Invest in your strength
Make positive emotional changes
Stop going around people that bring you pain
Find some new deeply spiritual Christians to pray for and with you
Shift your focus, you can do it
What use to bring you joy? Get back into that good project
Trust that God is enough for you today
Keep good praise and worship music going in your back ground
Cry when you have to, but force your mind to be happy
allow yourself to grieve, but look forward. You have happiness ahead you cant see yet
Don’t rehearse what happened
If he/she was wrong and hurt you, remember that they did the best they could with the spiritual ability they had.
If you were wrong, forgive yourself, and decide you will not allow yourself to do that again.

Go to the church and positive group, but get out of the house
Take a good friend out to dinner and imagine that God will reveal happiness to you later
Tell God you are sincerely sorry for anything
Remember, you were made for Love
Read the Bible. The anointing from the pages will help you and bring you joy
Ask God to satisfy you with His love again today
Go be a blessing to someone else
Read, “Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost?, because it was written to help you through pain, with inner healing, life and building good relationships.


7 Reasons You’re MISERABLE At Work
Workplace motivation is one of those interesting things. We think it should just drop out of the sky like magic but it never really does. We also don’t really think about how to create motivation for ourselves. However, we really can create it with the right tools.
First, let’s get on the same page about what motivation is. Motivation is what causes you to take action. Clearly, you’re at work so you do have some motivation because your action is going to work and performing your job. What we are talking about is feeling engaged and inspired about the actions you do take. Let’s look at some of the tools you can use to get fully engaged and motivated in the workplace:

1. Change    There’s nothing like changing things to really get the juices going. You don’t want to change things just for the sake of changing; however, you want to change things that don’t work well. With that, you must have a vision of what the right outcome would be and then you apply your steps to create the action for change.

2. Goals     Many times, the lack of motivation is due to a lack of direction or goals. Sit down and figure out what would really get you up in the morning and make that your goal.
Having a goal isn’t enough, though. It has to be a goal that you yearn for or have some emotions about. Once established, put together a plan for how you will achieve your goals. If you really are going to shoot for something worth having, keep in mind SMART for goals = Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Resonate, and Time.

3. Be Accountable     The vast majority of us want to do things but we’re really lazy about doing them. It’s often easier to diet or workout with someone because we have a person that is looking for us to perform. Find someone to hold you accountable to yourself and be willing to trade off the favor.

4. Clean Up Your Own Internal Litter     We all have baggage, but sometimes we have so much of it cluttering up our life that it bogs us down and we fail to see what’s possible.

5. Surround Yourself With The Right People     Yes, your mother was right… it is important to hang out with the right people. In this case, hang out with people who are inspired and motivated as it will be contagious.

6. Research The Issue     Find out from others what motivates them. In the process, you may hear something that would really be great for you. Don’t be afraid to copy what works.

7. Cop An Attitude     Motivation creates more motivation. Look for it and it will be there. We often get hung up about our ability to control things in the workplace. The one thing we can control is our attitude and approach to various workplace challenges.
These tools for workplace motivation are simple to do which means there is nothing but you holding you up from trying them. Dorothy Tannahill-Moran


Prayer for children
“Lord, we pray, return the hearts of us, as parents to our children. Heal our children. Heal the hearts and minds of our children. Help our children forgive us for selfishness. We decree that, ________ will not have to fight abandonment challenges! Peace and grace to ________ emotions and behavior Lord.
Jesus, make that great difference for ______________ and for every child hurt by their parent’s actions. God, I claim that You will fill them with your liquid love, worthiness, value, goodness and light. Lord, help us each be great parents in Jesus Name! Help me especially plant Your Word in ________ heart! Your presence shall supersede and cancel every work of the devil!” Amen!

Billy Graham
“A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to their parents will not have true respect for anyone.”

Motivate Your Children
Some Children are self-motivated and other need more vision to move forth. If you’re wondering how to motivate your child, rewarding them is often not the right step. however, children love to see something they haven’t seen before. Vision helps them stop making wrong decision that bring about the consequences none of us want. The best approach is to go easy on rewards and punishment and cultivate their internal motivation. Help them tune in to the good feelings of accomplishment and the pride of doing a good job.

1. Set Spiritual Goals – Read a scripture with them daily. Help them memorize pertinent scriptures. The word of God will do most of the work for you. Help them love and cherish the Word of God.
2. Set life Goals – Have them set goals. Make a list of short-term goals and one of the long-term goals. Make sure the goals are reachable.
3. Do a visionary workbook. Have them write out and confess who they want to be and who God says they are.
4. Make a Plan – In order to reach goals, they need a plan. Help your children create a strategy for reaching their goals.
5. Celebrate Accomplishments – When your child accomplishes their goals, let them know that you are proud of them. Celebrate these things together. Reward your child for their hard work. A sense of accomplishment is the best reward.
6. Make Things Competitive – Encourage healthy competition. Cheer on your child to beat another runner in a race or to take home the trophy from the spelling bee. Make competition about positivity and strength in regards to your child and never about negativity and weakness towards the competitor.
7. Encourage Them – Let your child know that you believe in them. Tell them how great they are going to do. Dismiss any self-doubt or fears they may have.
8. Take Interest – Learn about your child’s interests. Talk to your child about them and listen. It will show your children that you care and that they are free to talk to you about their interests.
9. Discover Passion – Encourage your children to discover what they are passionate about. It may take a few tries along the way. Support them on their journey towards passion and urge them to keep going until they find out what it is.
10. Remain Positive – Maintain a positive and optimistic outlook for your children. If they see fear or doubt in your eyes, then they will likely lose self-confidence. Having a positive approach will lighten their entire outlook to a situation.
11. Peer Pressure – Occasionally, a little peer pressure is not a bad thing. It can push your kids to do better in school or in a sport because they want to keep up with their friends. However, watch for when the stress of peer pressure starts to become too much.
12. Excite Them – Excite your children about their goals and ambitions. Show that you are excited for them, too. The positive energy and adrenaline will push them to continue their hard work and be happy with their efforts.
13. Help your children learn to REALLY pray scriptures and experience the power of God in their lives!