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Dorothy: I am on chapter 15 and just had to stop to say, “THANK YOU” FOR WRITING “Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost?” THE INSIGHT, REVELATION and TRANSFORMATION has brought me PRICELESS HELP, in just a short time. I realize that there are parts of me {co-dependency} that need to be healed and released. I need to let God take care of some core elements that at times make me feel unworthy. Thank you Dorothy! Judy

Mercy said: “Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost?” Book helped me stop traveling down miserable paths of unworthiness. Paths that led me into more unneeded pain. Thank you!

Myra: Hi Dorothy, A great book. Excellent prayers to the Lord near the end that made me cry, as I gave my emotional pain to the Lord. “Whispers From God” shows others how to have happier, more successful lives. Love you, Myra

Mike: I would let my loneliness push me into opening myself to the wrong people. “Whispers From God” showed me that we never need to yield to the words of the enemy. Now, practicing a higher level of life by enjoying God’s presence and beauty has pushed away the spirit of loneliness and desperation. Thank you for taking the time to write “Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost?”

Jan: “Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost?” helped me stop blaming myself. I realized that not every relationship is meant to come together in the first place. I will listen more carefully to God’s voice and the intuition He gives me in the future, to save myself from years of pain.

Gloria: “Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost?” is a delight. Thank you for going so deeply into your own story. It helped me see how we are wooed and set up from the beginning to go down a road that God never ordained. God only wants good for us!