Book – “Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost?!”

A powerful read and life resource for singles and married couples

“Read and embrace extraordinary truths for personal success and empowerment.  Enrich your life, family or relationship!


Build a fortress of love and protection around yourself and those you love. 

          Revelation and Restoration!

Renae said: “Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost, is beyond informative. Utilizing the scriptures you suggested, helped me see how surrendering to the love of Jesus, is truly the game changer!”

Anita – “I thank God for the answers I received. I learned how to believe in myself and to do the work it takes to be who God created me be. This book will immensely bless you.”

There is so much more to know and to be, in Jesus!

Exciting for group discussions and gifts. Enjoy 270 anointed pages of Teaching, Word, Prayers and Light for your journey! Dorothy M Elder

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Dorothy Murray Elder 

IMG_20190225_185540_480“Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost?” Was written to share with you, how I set my self up for heartbreak. I want you to bypass the people and situations, the devil sends to take you down and out! They will appear in every phase of your life and relationship. You must increase in revelation and spiritual intuition.  Positive life knowledge and changes will only help you gain God’s design and desire for successful living.

“I praise God for the truth, happiness and freedom, he has for you and those you love!”

Dorothy hosted the popular “Parent Talk,” CBS television program, providing meaningful answers for difficult problems. Bayer Aspirin, Cargill, Wichita State University, Catholic Services, Parent University, United Way, schools, organizations and church groups are some that Impact Ministry  & Dorothy Murray Elder Ministry enriched.

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Whispers_From_God_Cover_for_KindleWhispers From God

IMG-1678 (1) - CopyIs Your Relationship Worth the Cost

The Sinister Jezebel Spirit

Your_Innermost_Truth_Cover_for_KindleYour Innermost Truth

Before making a tumultuous decisions, I want to help you stop the defeat and deception that beckons you. It is sent by Satan himself and comes to sabotage and destroy your life. but, hearing God correctly and obeying His voice will change everything. You will  choose joy, instead of employing a pitiless and painful teacher.   face book: Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost?   Face book: Impact Life Empowerment Ministry   Instagram: coach_d_relationships  You Tube: Dorothy Murray Elder